Self-Employed Mortgages


Options For Self-Employed Mortgage

If you are a self-employed individual, there are chances you have faced difficulties in getting a mortgage for buying a home or a car.

The reason being that banks become extra cautious when it comes to self-employed applicants owing to the risk involved in the absence of a fixed monthly income through an employer. But with Mortgage Alliance, you don’t face any such challenge.

Mortgage Alliance not only helps self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs get mortgages smoothly and easily but also offers competitive mortgage rates through its lenders. We believe in easing your mortgage hassles through our comprehensive mortgage solutions.

What Are The Issues Faced By Self Employed Applicants?

On one hand, more and more people are drifting away from the regular jobs and becoming their own bosses. on the contrary, banks seem a reluctant in giving loans to self-employed and businessmen due to lack of a fixed monthly income. Moreover, there is always a fear of risk of business failure and bankruptcy looming above the lenders

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for self employed individuals seeking mortgages. If your income statements and payment bills are properly maintained and up to date, that fear is somewhat reduced. Moreover, we have collaborations with numerous private financial institutions that provide easy loans to self employed borrowers on low rates. These private financial institutions rely on the equity in the property and income statements and their approval is based on positive reviews.  Thus, a mortgage consultant helps you in these areas and you can have for yourself flexible mortgage terms and rates.

We completely understand the difficulties faced by self employed in getting a mortgage and many self employed applicants have been benefitting from our expertise for years. We have thorough understanding of the mortgage process for self employed and we are in a better position to help you in handling your mortgage issues deftly………………..

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